Trials tires on a wr450

just wondering how a trials tire would hold up on a 450. thanks for the help

Like stated in all previous post, I use a Pirelli MT-43 with a UHD tube 10# air. Will NEVER go back!!!!!!!!!

There are some conditions where it hooks up so good you'll stop and look back to make sure the log/rock/deer carcass you just ran over was truly covered in mud, snow and off camber.

They aren't geat in soft mud, but it seems that everywhere else they are incredible. Makes me wonder what I'm going to do with the spare knobby I have sitting in the garage. You won't be disappointed if you use them, the one I have ( Michelin ) is holding up incredibly well compared to the knobbies I was using before. :moon: WR Dave

how do they run in sand?

just checked, they wont work for me. I occasionally ride on asphalt.

just checked, they wont work for me. I occasionally ride on asphalt.

Yeah. From what I've read they don't do well on pavement unless you pump them up. Not sure how long they last..........

ya, its too much of a gamble too me currently. Temps are way in the 100's and Im riding alot of hardpack gravel and sand.

Seems like the heat is the killer!

Yea, i'm in the trials tire market myself. I've heard from another TT'r that he had a DOT rated trials tire and loved it. I'm a little confused, the only trials tires that i've been able to see/touch/feel have no treads on the side. so say your in the desert and take a hard turn on packed dirt, will it fall out from underneith me? or does the DOT rated one have more treads on the side of the tire for leaning into pavement turns? any suggestions?

Been using trials tires for a few years on my wr450. Here's what I know

IRC - do not even consider running this tire. Good straight line traction, but its too soft and wallows in the turns. I could not get comfortable on this one.

dunlop 803 - pretty darn good tire. I would run it at 8-9lbs. Any more than that, and its less effective. Take it easy braking. On silt, it will lock really easily making your rear brake rather useless. If its not locking up and sliding, then its digging in and stalling the engine. Excellent play ride tire. Will last darn near forever. Works really good in sand and loose stuff. you can air it down to 6lbs and there won't be a hill you can't tractor up slowly.

Pirelli MT43. Dot approved and works well on asphalt. Not quite as much traction as the dunlop, but it feels real good turning. I run mine at 9lbs. This one tends to lockup easily on downhills, which scares the shit out of me. I've raced this one and felt pretty comfortable with it cause it feels the most like a knobbie when you turn.

the dunlop and pirelli's are great tires



I tried a trials tyre on the rear of my '08 WR450F for a few months until a few rides ago.

As stated elsewhere, the grip is amazing. In rock, loam, sand (yes, sand), medium mud, etc. I never tried in thick mud so i can't comment there.

Unlike a knobby it retained almost all of it's original level of grip even when the knobs became rounded on their leading edges.

The downside is that to achieve that level of grip you need to run quite low pressure (8-11psi) which makes the rear of the bike very "all over the place" at speed when cornering.

You can feel the tyre rolling sideways on the rim. I didn't like that.

I've now gone back to a knobby.

I still have the trials tyre in the shed, I could easliy put it back on (reversed) and do it all again anytime.

I sit on the fence with trials tyres on enduro bikes.

Give it a try!

Greg :moon:

i had been thinking of trying a trials tire lately, but just went riding with 2 guys that had them. both great riders(imo) one on a kdx220 and another on a wr250f. from what i could tell following and observing, the trials tire sucked. i'm on a modded wr450 with a half worn trakmaster with alot more power and these 2 are all over the place. granted it was a little muddy/tacky, but i did not see any improvement with the trials tires. i expected them to walk away from me by hooking up with less power and more finess, but it didn't happen. i'm sticking with the knobby. just my opinion, and open to criticism. jlow

The trials is best suited for rocky, harder terrain.(like most trials competition events are held on) And it does an amazing job of keeping the rear wheel tracking straighter over rocky terrain. There simply is more tire surface contacting the ground-plus it's softer=hook up.:ride:

Soften up the surface with dirt, sand, loam looses it's edge over the knobby. However, my 06 KTM 300XC is fantastic with the trials tire up here in the PacNW area where it's predominately rock content. And I've been amazed at how well the tire hooks up in the softer surfaces with more dirt content. There's no way I'd go back to a knobby up here. But down south in OK, that's another story.

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