Skid or Glide~Aluminum or Carbon ~which is better

Slide or Glide ~ Aluminum or Carbon ~ which is better...

I've read all the post I could find on this subject and I am not sure if there's a clear choice of which may be better and why. Everyone has different riding areas and types of terrian (mud, sand, etc..) so I am sure that figures into each decision.

Would someone be better off purchasing the carbon fiber glide plate and then possibly add the ignition and clutch covers which may fit closer or get the aluminum skid plate which covers all but possibly collects mud and other debris.

Apparently carbon fiber doesn't keep it's good looks after some minor use and aluminum can at least be polished to improve appearance after minor use.

I'm guessing weight comparison is not a factor since protection is the important thing here...

Do you ride mostly off-road/trails or MX ? Glide is mostly for MX. If you are riding on trails with any rocks you have to get a Skid plate. IF you are riding in areas like Greers Ferry you need a skid plate. I went with the BRP because I like the rounded look and fine attention to detail. I couldn't justify the extra $$$ to look cool. I ended up buying alot of my parts from BRP because of the quality and great customer service. :):D :D

I ride off road trails mostly and I say aluminum... it won't crack or shatter when you land on a big rock. Make sure it covers the frame rails. Mine came with foam to fit under it so less mud would build up.

Get the protectors for the water pump/clutch and ignition as well. Beats walking back to the truck.

Hey Jonesy, I was considering the BRP for my new 450 too. Do you have any pictures of the skid plate on the bike? If so, shoot them to me in an e-mail and I will be forever grateful. :)


I would def. go with Kevlar. It's a little more expensive, but it's worth it. Maybe it's just me, but the last aluminum one I had got pretty banged up. I bought one from and have really enjoyed it. Plus, it looks pretty cool. :)

I bought a devol , this is the 2nd bike its been on.sure its a little beat up but it does the job.

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