Important Meeting this Saturday.

This Saturday the 21st. Barstow Community College. 2700 Barstow Rd. Barstow.

BLM meeting in regard to the future of Galamis sand dunes and other riding areas in So. Cal.


The greenies are making us look bad because most of us don't even bother to show up for these meetings. Let's prove them wrong.

For more info check out Go to the Land issues/protect your rights forum.

It doesn't matter if you race or trail ride, this affects ALL of us. BE THERE!!!


Ok you guy's. Is anyone coming? If we don't ALL start attending these meetings there will be no place to ride. Once they close down all the open areas the tracks will be next. You know, noise, dust, development, etc.

So Cal Erik, how about you? Bring the whole congregation, I understand you have quite a group.


Gee, sorry you guys could'nt make it.

If you want to see the parts of Galamis that are now closed, go to

If they can do this to Glamis, the can do it anywhere.

Get involved, do somthing!!



[This message has been edited by Ol'89r (edited 10-24-2000).]

[This message has been edited by Ol'89r (edited 10-24-2000).]

Hey OL'89r,

Sorry to here that, while I'm only familiar with Galamis from magazines, I can see that it's an excellent set dunes and probally more. Locals here in Carson City, Nevada just went through a similar BLM meeting started by home owners situated 10 miles from a popular riding ground that originated from mining roads from the turn of the century. Luckily we turned out in force and packed the meeting hall. We formed a club and got some plubicity with a trash pick-up, but there still waiting to find a reason to kick us out. IF FOR NO OTHER REASON THAN ACCESS TO PUBLIC LAND DO NOT AND I SAY AGAIN DO NOT VOTE FOR AL GORE!!! Hey, mabey he's an ok guy, BUT HE IS NOT DIRT BIKE FREINDLY.



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