E-Start will not start the bike???

First off I would like to say hi! I have been a long time lurker here and have gained invaluable information from this board.

Now for the problem. I have a '03 WR450. Baffle is removed, grey wire pulled, snorkle yanked, and throttle stop cut. Jetting is still stock. The bike has ran fine and started fairly easily with the e-start. This weekend I installed the YZ Cam. The first few starts with the e-start fired her right up..but now she will not start with the button. She will fire right up with a single kick of the kick start but will just crank until the battery dies with the e-start.

Any Ideas?



The battery needs full power to crank a cold engine. There have been some battery replacements due to defective batteries. I keep my charged up with a trickle charger when not riding. Seems to work for me. I have never had to kick start mine. The battery should have a good numbers of starts before losing power.

I went up two sizes on the Pilot Jet and went downt to a #40 leak jet. Before I rejeted I could only start the bike by kicking it when it was cold. After rejet, I give one or two twist on the throttle and it fires right up with the E-start.


I experienced the same starting problem after the YZcam installation. This is what I do. I open the throttle up 3-4 times. While e-cranking it seems to want to kick over; that's when I crack the throttle a little and it fires up.

I also noticed that it starts easier with the kickstarter.


Woohoo! The board is back up! I wanted to say thanks for the responses. I tried the giving the throttle 3 or 4 twists and choke on method and she fired up! I guess I need to rejet and richen her up a little.

Just out of curiosity...can anyone explain why using the kick start will start the bike up with one kick without having to twist the throttle, yet with the e-start you have to develop a procedure?



Yamaha chose to keep the weight down by designing a light electric start motor and gear train and a small battery. Their intention is for us to use it when we stall with a warm engine. Not cold starting. I manage to use it for cold starting others cant. It is right on the edge. :)

Sometimes it will fire right up with the button when cold....sometimes it wont....go figure. :)

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