Up Close With Josh Grant’s JGR MX Yamaha YZ450F

I'm not a big fan of the blue Yamahas normally, (retro yellow or red/white are my favorites) but I gotta say that black framed bike looks great. Personally I like the blue anodized accents. But, that's me - I like blinged out bikes as anyone who's seen my bikes will know!

I must be getting old because as far as I'm concerned that bike looks like shit. Yes it has a lot of really cool parts on it etc etc but the graphics are way too busy.

Stewart's bike looks better, just.

Just sayin, John

..I"m glad you said before I did.

It looks terrible! Might as well put some green and yellow on it too,,,,and maybe some purple and pink.......hey, that'd look kewl.....:banghead:

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