09 Timing plugs

This may be a dumb question, but what do you guys use to remove the large timing plug. It is a HUGE allen and I don't have anything that big.

Hi Dave, I use my biggest SEA allen (I think it fits Ford brake caliper), it doesn't fit correctly but it hits the flat edges enough to remove the plug. I guess I could wrap foil around it to make it fit better. Hopefully the plug isn't that tight. Hope this helps.

Just went down to the hardware store this morning to pick up a 14mm allen to fit. Ten bucks for a single allen wrench...but it worked great.

yep...14mm or 9/16 allen head socket...

Just a thought: what about the end of the OEM spark plug wrench?

You can pick up a set of large metric allen sockets from Harbor Freight for around fifteen dollars. I got your PM Dave, the bike sounds like it's just what you were looking for.


Just a thought: what about the end of the OEM spark plug wrench?

LOL..is that what thats for? :moon:

LOL..is that what thats for? :moon:
Does it work?
Does it work?

lol....awesome yeah it works....:moon:

great tip!

That's what I was gonna say. The spark plug side, though it's a tight fit will hold the front axle when torquing the front axle nut. Just small tap to get it in.

You can use motor mount as a wrench. The welded-on bolt fits perfect.

You're probably checking valves anyway so you need to remove the motor mounts anyway...

If you don't have the OEM spark plug wrench, and don't feel inclined to pull the gas tank and motor mounts to tighten this plug, and you are further disinclined to spend $10-20 on a tool you won't really use very often, here's another solution.

A the aforementioned hardware store, look for a pillar nut, used to connect two pieces of 3/8" threaded rod. Double check the size to be sure it's 9/16. Some such 3/8 pillar nuts are 5/8", and that won't work. You can insert the nut into the plug and drive it with any 9/16" or 14mm wrench. (9/16" = 14.28mm).

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