lubing the 426

I have heard differnt things about a new bike i was wondering if i could get some input . Is it best to tear down the bike and lube everything or is it alright to ride the bike for a fewe rides then lube the bike ? I am learning to work on the bike litle by little so hopefully lubing everthing isnt to difficult . Also i was wondering if any one knows of whole sale places to buy parts cheaper than the biger costly places ?Thank you thumperdan

Dan: I would definitely recommend doing a thorough lube job of all the pivot points before the first ride. Besides the fact that Yamaha uses minimal grease when assembling their machines, you are starting off with a clean machine and don't have to worry about dirt working it's way into those areas before you have a chance to properly lubricate them. You get to properly torque everything back together and do a careful setup of your controls. I swapped out a lot of Phillips head fasteners for flange head bolts since I always seem to ruin the Phillips heads and then spend wasted time trying to get them loose. Try to resist that urge to ride as soon as you pick the bike up. I'm very glad I did.

By the way, when you do your first oil change, make sure you hold your drain pain up close to the drain plug on the frame tube when you remove the plug, otherwise, you'll shoot oil all over your front wheel. That oil shoots straight out! One look at the plug and you'll know exactly what I mean. Hope this helps.


Boit gives some good advice.

I did ride mine a few times before I greased it (sorry Boit) to no ill effects but there is little dust and no wet stuff where I usually ride. I think washing a bike at a car wash or with a pressure washer is one of the worst things you can do to it unless you tear it down and grease it afterwards. Greasing the steering stem and linkage/arm bearings may seem a daunting task at first but, with the right tools, it is a simple job. You should use a good torque wrench when reassembling most any part of your bike.

I don’t think you are going to find any source for factory parts that is significantly cheaper than your local dealer. But if you do you should, of course, let us know about it :)

I’ve had pretty good luck with HLSM for ordering Yamaha parts online, not a cheaper way but more convenient.


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Recently I have been lubling the chain, cables, and all the pivot points with the

water proof 'white grease'. This stuff is

really cool and it stayed on longer than

any other type of lube I've tried in the past. I also the the Castrol all purpose cleaner (1 Gal. Purple container) $5.99US.

I actually discover this product by accident,

when I was trying to scrub out red dirt on the decals which wouldn't come off so now after every ride I wet the bike down and squirt the Castrol all purpose cleaner on the

seat, engine, chain and anything that looks dirty for two minutes and apply a little scrub with a nylon brush or a toothbrush to reach those tight spots. She looks almost new


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