First ride on my WR450

I finally got to ride my WR450 today. I picked it up last Wednesday and it has been killing me to not ride it. I have been out of a dirt bike since 99 (if you don't count my Honda trail 110 :D). My last bike was An RXC 620 and it felt like riding a water buffalo compared to the WR. Awesome bike!

I performed all the reccomended mods and also installed the 155 mj that came as an extra with the bike. It seemed to run pretty good. Only rode for about an hour and went from my house at 950 ft to about 2500 feet. Throttle response was good except it seemed a little rich right off idle. I never went past half throttle but it seemed to pull real hard to that point.

This will be my usual riding elevations with an occasional adventure to 5000+ feet. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :)


Congratulations on a fine ride. There are many TT members riding at 5000 feet and you can find their jetting preferences on this forum with a little searching. :)

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