426 Torque specs

Any of you guys have the torque specs for the linkage, swingarm, axles, steering stem etc.

I am taking your advice and greasing and torqing to spec.

Will be ordering a shop manual and purchasing a torque wrench.

3/8 or 1/2 in. ?

Thx in advance.


The manual that comes with the bike has all the torque settings you will need to lube the bike. A 3/8 clicker type torque wrench will probably be the most user friendly type to get. Just make sure you don't leave the wrench set at a certain setting for a long time. Turn it all the way out after using. This will prolong the acuracy of the wrench.

Good luck and check back with the forum when you come into any problems, it could save you $$.



For the arm etc. you will probably want a ½” drive torque wrench. Sorry, I don’t have my manual in front of me and I don’t want to guess but we’re talking in the 70 pound range for the arm pivot and top stem nut (less for the linkage). Most wrenches with this range are ½ “, as well as most sockets that big (22-32 mm).

You should probably own two torque wrenches, one for the above and another smaller one for pinch bolts, cases etc (which are all like 23 NM or 10 NM, I forget what that is in inch pounds). That is too big of a range for one wrench.

Check back tomorrow, if nobody has posted the spec.s you requested I will get them for you.

In ft./lb.s

Linkage 58

Swingarm Pivot 61

Steering Stem Nut 105

Axle 90

Shock 38

I would recommend using loctite on the shock bolt, whether you remove it or not.

Also, you might consider some silicone or contact cement on the plastic cups that cover the bolt hole in the arm, they like to fall out, as do the little rubber grommets that seal the holes in the arm where it goes around the spring.

Hope this helps!

I also loctited my steering head nut after it backed out on me one time. Also the little plastic cups that cover the swingarm bolt have a little raised line on one side that has to be pointed forward or they will pop off...Mike

Thanks guys these are some excellant tips.

Yesterday I purchased two Craftsman torque wrenches (they were on sale!) and greased everything and torqued to spec. I'm sooooo tired right now....

Some of these torques seemed pretty high and I was worried about snapping a bolt!

Yamaha has an EXCELLANT manual!!!!


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