08yz450f hot start??????????

when my hot start isn't pulled in is a little air pressure still supposed to come out of the pressure release hose??????

If you mean the 12mm black hose running down the frame on the left side, yes. It has absolutely nothing to do with the hot start, though. Don't know who fed you that one.

The hose is the crankcase vent. Your piston moves 450cc of air out of its way as it runs down the bore, and that pressure needs to go some place. Normally, you'll see air pulsing in and out at an idle, and maybe a bit of oil dripping if you run it hard for a while.

thanks helped out much!!!!!!!!!

do you have any suggestions on a exaust system for my bike??

-08 yz450f

Dr. D Stainless w/spark arrestor

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