Does this look stock (part 2)?

When removing the throttle cables from the carb, I noticed this safety-wired piece inside the housing. Any idea why?


Yup. Supposed to defeat the linkage spring and increase the accelerator pump discharge.

Usually requires grinding off the stop button on the AP diaphragm so that the AP linkage doesn't keep the throttle from opening. It's a sort of a "goon" mod, IMO.

So it causes more fuel to be dumped into the carb when the throttle is transitioned from off to on?

Wow, keep looking the bike over. There might be a pound of crystal meth in the gas tank. It looks like someone seriously tweeked out on that bike...:moon:

I have seen this done with rubber bands more than once. Not uncommon at all. I would have just added a smaller leak jet.

This is a pretty common mod. Look in the stickys for the o-ring mod. Same idea. I do the o-ring mod to all of my sons bikes. It doesnt mean the rest of the bike is half assed either. Most people I know that race do this mod.

Thanks for the info guys.

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