2001 wr400

How do guys? Bit new to all this but here goes. Just sold my 99wr400 & picked up a 2001 model. Does anybody know if yz400 cam timing and jetting can be applied to the new model as it could be to the old 99? My old one used to realy rip with the cam timing,airbox lid removed, 178 main, 48 pilot and staintune muffler, approx 80ft above sea level. New model has the same carby as the 2000wr, so I take it the jetting would be same? Anybody Help?

P.S. great site , Interesting reading

now are you sure it was 80ft? makes one heck of a difference. i did a hill climb last year & had to change the main jet 3 times in 200 feet. my mate was leading me but he didn't have a 175 mainjet, so he had to carry the bike on his back up the next 50ft. fantastic effort!

i got through to the final & had an epic battle with a seamstress from bosnia herzegovona. what she lacked in riding skill she made up with those little fingers.

anyway, i'm off altitude training now. i've established a base camp at stuntney-on-the-puddle from where we will tackle the north face of the kings arms car park wall armed with nothing more than 2 tins of carlsberg & a bottle of gerkins.

we're in no danger though-if we run out of beer they've promised to supply us from the rear window of the pub.



The carbs are not the same. They changed them again slightly in 2001. The 98/99 carb is also different than the 2000. Mostly accel pump stroke and needle changes.

Yes, the YZ cam timing can be used. Your old jetting will be close, maybe not spot on, though. Most other mods apply, I bet the staintune will bolt right on.


thats right ,80ft. I live about 100 miles from the sea & its pretty flat & boring around here. Never had to much trouble in trips away though, and never fould a plug in two solid years of riding & racing


Thanks for the info on the timing & carb. I'll go out & set up the suspension this weekend & work on the other stuff over easter.Hopefully they have fixed the rebound problem in the forks that have plagued the older models.(personal opinion from having pulled mine apart & revalveing a dozen times till I was pretty happy with it) 2001 Feels pretty good so far, but I'll reserve judgment till its fully settled in & set up.


That is some great craic. LOL!


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