Help---- oil leak after riding

I have a 04 WR 450, it has a oil leak somewhere on the top of the motor I think. So I know know I over filled it with oil ( and here comes the comments) When I realized what I had done, after riding about 5 miles, it now has a leak form somewhere. it is on the right side of the bike and it collects on the exhaust system and radiator and drips every where. Where do I start? and how bad did I mess it up?

There is a plug on the upper right side of the motor above the exhaust that is common to blow out. Do yourself a favor and do not us the OE plug to fix the leak and go with an aftermarket unit.

thanks I will start there

When Yamaha added auto decomp to the bike they left the opening in the head for the manual decomp and used a rubber covered plug to close off the hole. It's very common for the plug to come out particularly if the breather hose is obstructed (dirt, pinched, etc.) The TT store used to carry an aftermarket plug that was a much better design but I don't think they have it any longer. There used to be several mfrs making aftermarket plugs but now they're getting a little more difficult to find. I bought this one on ebay recently and it seems to work well.

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