Anyone got a hydraulic clutch??

I have a 08, I'm looking at getting the Magura system. I wanted to hear from anyone that has this set up. How hard was it to install, would you do it again?? you know all that good jazz.


I did do a search BTW

i trayed ones a magura equipped bike, it was lacking in feel, maybe it wasnt adjusted right, it was on or off preety much.

and yes it does feel just like butter and give you less to non arm pump.

installing should be very easy as you just bolt it on.

i've run them on my last 3 hondas and i hope to get a new slave cylinder so i can use it on my 2010 yz. i'll never ride without it. they do have different feel but once you get used to it you'll love it. i think more production bikes will go this direction now that honda is running them on their race bikes. the clutch pull is probably 15-20 %lighter than a cable.

good to hear!

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