There's a VIRGIN in my Factory!!!

Ahhhhhhh yea a never been "rode" sweet new girl, that's Blue!

Whew, what a last couple of days it's been and I'm tired!

Anyway, I got my bike (01 426) for a killer price $5400.00 (for all those who like to throw this # out there LOL!) + tax, lic. freight, set-up fees, so it came out to just over $6000.00!

And my buddy, the parts mgr. threw in a complete set of riding AXO gear including boots, for coming back to ride for their shop as I am no longer affiliated with Western Honda. So yea I'm pretty stoked right now...

Last night I tore her apart into a million pieces (yikes!) and re-greased all the bearings put anti-seize on all the hardware that was removed and loc-tighted a few items.

I didn't even have any left-over parts to kick around! :-D

Torqued everything to spec and my hats off to Yamaha for a great owners manual that is the shop manual too.

May I suggest for all the new bike owners do this as Yamaha put on such a THIN LAYER of grease on critical surfaces that it's downright scary! You could barely see it let alone feel it! This is a good time to do it as everything comes apart so easily and you do not havta worry about dirt getting in anything. I guess adding sufficient grease is to costly, plus they probably figure you will be buying new parts real soon!

I do have a question for previous Yamaha owners. What is with the linkage needle bearings they have this weird (looks like dried wax between the needles?) When I was re-greasing it's hard not to have this stuff come out?

Bike looks sweet and I'm lookin forward to this weekend!


Yo G- congrats on your new bike. The waxy stuff is there to help hold the bearings when you take it apart. Leave it in as best you can but it does come out pretty easy. You should look over the older posts here as to what the rest of us have come across in our maintenance. The main things seem to be mostly keeping everything greased, especially the swingarm and steering head bearings. Also some have reported the sprocket bolts coming loose and causing all kinds of catastrophic things to happen. One other thing is to change the fork oil after break in because most of us have found lots of material in the oil, probably due to the aluminum internals. Let me know too if you hear spring clang in your forks on a hard hit because I read somewhere that Yamaha put a plastic sleeve in the 01's to stop this and I was wondering if it works... Otherwise just maintain it like it were your best girl and it will give you lots of enjoyment. My son and I went to the MX track for a practice night last night, he rode his little TRX quad and I rode my 426... life is good isn't it?


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