Dent in the Silencer?


I was goin over my new '01 426 and noticed an ulgly dent in the bottom of the silencer. I called the dealer and they said the factory put the "dent" there in case of bottoming out and making contact with the caliper. Sounds logical to me but the dent is ugly and looks like a damaged silencer to me. The dealer said all 426's have them, I figured this is the place to find out. Please let me know if this is true or the if the dealer needs a beating.



Your dealer is giving it to you straight! I thought the same think as you when I got my YZ400, they all have the dents from the factory...

Paul in AZ

Yep- me too. The guys all hounded me when I asked too :) It looks like they dented it in with a big rock...


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