03 WR450 possible purchase--your thoughts

I am considering buying an 03 WR450. The original owner raced it (don't know what level) for a while but it has been lightly ridden by the current owner for the past few years. Last year the current owner replaced the clutch basket, starter clutch gear, idle gear, and kick shaft assembly. It has a new kickstand and battery, plus new plastics. What would be my "red flags" for buying this bike? What advice can you give me for things to look at/listen to when I go see it?

Surely someone has a few ideas of what I should listen to/look out for....

First of all, how much does he want for it?

I have been riding my 03 WR 450 since Jan. 2003 (first TT member with one) and to this date I have replaced 3 fork seals, the fork bushings,lubed the starter shaft,and replaced the chain & sprockets (once). I have 8500 miles on the bike and other than regular maintainence that is pretty much all that I have done. Pretty much a trouble free bike, for me anyway. If the price is right, I'd say "go for it"


He wants $2000 for it, and I have to drive about 100 miles each way to get it.

That price is more than fair. Grab it!!

I had over 12,000 miles on my 2003 WR450 after five seasons of single track trails, dualsport, and supermotard riding. Very reliable bike, nothing to worry about.

This thread is timely! I'm picking up a 2003 tonight from a friend of mine. Probably has less than 50 hours on it. He started having kids a few years ago and the bike just sits in the garage. $1,300! All stock except for handlebars, skid plate and hand guards. He said the starter mod was done right after he bought it. He also did the throttle stop, grey wire and airbox mods.

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