All Black Plastic-99 WR400?

Wondering if anyone has found a place to get an all black plastic kit for the WR's. I've got a 99, and would at least like to entertain the thought of going all black. Would look pretty sweet. :)

I've looked and had no luck. I, too, would like an all-black bike. Acerbis makes black front and rear fenders and I think side panels and fork protectors, but the fly in the ointment is the fender shrouds. All I can find are blue and white for the 99's. I've considered spray paint but that would eventually look cheesey.

Be carefull when you get the rear fender, most say they will fit a wr--which they do--its a YZ and there is no place for the light.


I just so happen to have a '99 WR with ALL black plastic. :) You will drive yourself crazy looking for it, but it IS available. The manufacturer does not realize that YZ plastic fits a WR (sort of). I say "sort of" because the funky radiator shroud holes are at a different angle, but same location. Not a big deal.

I got the UFO fenders from Dennis Kirk. The shrouds and side panels were the hard part. I cheated and used flexible bumper paint on my headlight housing.

You will have to buy direct from Acerbis since EVERY dealer on the planet would rather tell you they don't exist rather than even check using a part number you give them :D ...

Side panels are #215915705 and cost me $55.95. I need to find the rest of my receipts, and I can give their phone# and the part # for the shrouds, too, but I am REAL late for work right now :D . Let me know. This should be enough to get you started...

I would be interested in the part numbers for the applicable pieces. Also, how well did the shrouds mount up with the different angled mounting holes. Would love to see pics if you've got'em.

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