hi all newbee, wr400 seat height

hi there all i am a newbee on here, i have just purchased a wr 400 on a 2000 w plate, runs great and everything but i have 1 problem, i am only about 5 ft 6" in height and the bike is a little big, i can not touch the floor properly i was just wondering is there any way in lowering it a little, or buying a new spring that will make it a little lower for me. this is only so that when i stop at some lights i can actually ride away properly or is it a case of getting a smaller cc bike? any help grateful :moon:

How thick is your seat pad? If you have enough you can trim it down some.

One other option to seat shaving and lowering links is to have a suspension shop install spacers to decrease the travel and seat height.

I had same problem because Im 5' 6'' with 2000 wr 400 I sent it to kessler suspension they lowered 2 inch. and revalved my suspension. 300 later I was happy as hell made all the difference in the world to me. also added hot cams stage 1 yz tank seat

many thanx, im only 5ft 6" and 9 stone so i no what needs to be done then. im not wanting to get rid as its a lovely bike

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