third hand....

Here's a little tip for those who need a third hand to hold your bike when doing work on it and there's nobody around. First, this will on apply to those who have a garage or workshop. I have a two car garage so this really works great for me. Bop on down to the hardware store and get two(or more) heavy duty eye screws. I used 3/8 shanks and 2 inches long. Drill a pilot hole in your joists in a convenient work area and screw in the eye screws. You don't want to mount them both on the same joists. The object here is spread out the weight over two joists instead of one. Since joists are on 16" centers, I skipped two joists between the eye screws which gives a distance of 42" between the eyes. Using my cambuckle tie downs, I can support the bike at any level I want and not worry about it falling off the stand if I get carried away and push on the side of the bike when trying to remove or install a stubborn fastener or other part. If you attach the tie down with the cambuckle end on the eye screw, you can have the tension strap hanging down toward you and with one hand pulling up on the bike, and the other pulling down on the tie down tension strap, you can easily raise the bike all by yourself safely. To lower it, just get a small step ladder or something similar, and while either keeping tension on the strap(I use another tie down with both ends hooked to the bike to support most of that weight), you just gently start releasing the tension with the cambuckle. This was really handy when I stripped a bike down to have the frame powder coated. I'm going to add two more eye screws(one to each of the same joists) about 36" from the other two screws which will prevent the bike from tending to swing. When not in use, I use it as a clothes line to air dry my riding gear. Hope this is helpful and not too confusing.

Very good idea! I'm getting ready to start my new shop and I think I'll beef up some joists for something like this. When I got back into bikes about a year ago I begged my wife for some room in her greenhouse to keep my tools and a bike or two, but she has informed me that I am being evicted, so it's finally time to get to work and build a shop. I'm looking forward to it, I'm just not quite ready for winter yet it's been a good summer full of riding and racing for me. Maybe I'll post a question on shop set-up ideas...


Mike: Thanks. I hope my description was helpful and not too muddy to be understood. A little planning will definitely help in where you want to place the eye screws. I have my work bench and two roll-away tool boxes against one wall so I placed the screws above and out a little from that area so I could be close to the bench and tool boxes. I also have a 30 gallon air compressor, 20 ton hydraulic press, and a 16 speed floor drill press. My neighbor has a very nice MIG welder so I can do nearly anything I need. If there's one thing that really frustrates me is to be in the middle of making a repair or modification and then run into a deadend for not having the correct tool or equipment to finish the job. My kids are grown and out on their own, and I'm no longer married, so I have to learn to be self-sufficient and improvise when I'm alone in the garage at 2am.....which is often. I was born to tinker.

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