Honest Opinions:CRF450

Whether your a Kawasaki,KTM,Suzuki,Yamaha,or Honda driver, if you've driven the CRF450, what are your honest opinions about it?

I've only ridden a CRF450 a couple times a while back, but I was very impressed. It has a very good power to weight ratio and I look forward to seeing the CRF450X once it becomes available.

It's too small.

One of my good riding buddies got a new 2002 CRF450 right when they first came out. I was riding my CR500R at that time. The 450 was night and day in comparison. He would hook up and just leave me coming out of no traction condition turns. Then we both bought XR650's thinking we were going to be dual sporting. I fell in love with my BRP. For riding in Ocotilo Wells I feel that I give nothing away to the 450. We really have some epic battles when we ride together! :D He basically refuses to ride his 650 (who could blame him with his 450!). I feel no real desire to ride my 500 (but I have not brought myself to sell it yet!) I also can't bear the thought of putting all the dual sport foof on my Desert Panzer. When I have allowed myself to ride his 450, it is very impressive. I don't go out of my way to ride it preferring to go with what I know. All I can say is if the CRF450X is everything I think it's going to be...I'm all over it! I will NOT sell my 650 though. It's an awsome bike for the riding I do and I LOVE it. :)

Rokatt Report Over and Out! :D

Rode the CRF for the first time this weekend...ROCKET SHIP!

This thing is awesome, and is plenty fast. I love my BRP, but the CRF is very balanced, light, and has unbelieveable throttle response. They tell me it has a pumper carb, I'm sure that helps.

The two bikes are in different classes, and I won't be selling my bike to get a CRF...but if I was looking for a 4 stroke MX'r then the CRF would be the one. :)

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