great price on 2001

I bought my 2000 YZ426 at Hattiesburg,MS. for $5,299 out the door (paid tax in my home state La.). My brother just picked up his 2001 model at Bubba Bardwell's in Brookhaven, MS. for about $5,179 !!!!!!!And his was like the first one out the door, so it's not like they were desperate or anything. In La. I couldn't find anyone willing to come off sticker price, so it was worth the 2+ hour drive.

I had the same experience. Got mine at House Of Cycles in Natchez for $5199 OTD...still haven't paid my La. sales tax. I suppose they'll catch up with me in 2001 or so. You know what really irks me is that in La. we can buy a new car, pay the sales tax, sell the car after 5 years, and the next guy has to pay sales tax on the same car AGAIN! Doesn't seem constitutional to me. Thumpa, do you happen to ride the track in Loranger and/or Fernwood Ms. ? Have you ever seen that huge guy that rides a 426? I think his last name is Potts and looks to be in his mid to late 40's about 6'7" and 300lbs and he isn't slow by a long shot. He gets the hole shot pretty often so I figure his engine has to be modified to accelerate that quickly with his weight.

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Come to Canada where you can pay 15 percent tax also.. making it $7950 OTD..

But that is Canadian.. what is it compared to American right now.. like 3 dollars canadian to 1 us? :)

think it's like 1.55 candian right now to make a US dollar..

Ontario Rider: That sounds like a great exachange rate, however, wouldn't the transportation costs alone eat up any avings? Not to mention any tariffs?

Yeah, I remember Daigle. I thought he had quit racing because he didn't like all the jumps that used to be at Fernwood. It is now a more high speed track with just a few jumps. The finish line jump is the wildest one. I haven't ridden it myself since it became Rollin' Thunder(used to be WFO) but I DID go to watch last Saturday night. I would prefer they would make it a bit rougher. It has no whoop section at all. By the way, I went to Close Encounters Wednesday afternoon and James, the owner, says he's looking for a job and will start locking the gate during weekdays. He knows I go out there at least once a week and he says he'll try to come up with something so I can still practice during weekdays. He recommends that you call first before driving out there. Races will be the 2nd and 4th Sundays starting in November.

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Boit, I have ridden the LOranger track (Close Encounters) but have not yet been to Fernwood. Everyone has been talking about Fernwood and everyone seems very impressed. I haven't noticed the big guy racing but there are always several 426's racing and they usually fare well. A guy named Chris Daigle holeshots the 250 novice class every time I see him race. He runs a 2000 426 and I don't believe it is very modified. I haven't started racing yet, in fact I'm very new to this. I bought an XR 200 last November, which is he first bike I've ever had with a clutch and the first thing I've ridden in about 20 years. In April I decided to move up a notch but wanted a 4 stroke so I got a 426. The salesman thought I was nuts, and once I rode it I realized why. I was in way over my head. But now that I've gotten used to it, I love it.

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