Honest Opinions:CRF450

Whether your a Kawasaki,KTM,Suzuki,Yamaha,or Honda driver, if you've driven the CRF450, what are your honest opinions about it?

I was out riding sunday and there were 2 guys on crf450's. those bikes are awesome. they were flying through the sand wide open hitting a jump and landing 75 feet away easily. they would go up to this jump at a slow pace and right at the bottom of the hill they'd crack the throttle and launch themselves 15 feet in the air and 32 feet out. these guys were good.i asked how it handled in the woods and they said it was good in the woods. later on i found out how good they were in the woods as we were chased out by the cops . they are very powerful and very light. they handled the woods pretty good.if i had the money i'd buy one,but since my brother is gettin one soon i can save my money and ride his ! :)

One of my riding buddies has a 2002. I like every thing about it exept one thing, That ally frame just feels dead to me. I've ridden hondas from almost every year since the ally frame first came out and I always walk away with the same impression. I guess I'm too used to the "liveliness" of a steel frame or something. Thats the only reason I didn't buy a CRF or wait for the CRF-X. Other than that, the bike is great. :)

I guess maybe I should explain the "lively" part. Anyone who roadraces is familiar with a bikes flex as it goes around a corner. It's kind of a "secondary suspension" since your suspension only moves up and down, not side to side, the frame has to flex in the right places at the right frequency or it will feel "dead". The honda,to me, feels dead (or should I say "dead-er") in fast sweepers. This is why Honda is continually trying to "tune" the ally frame. It's hard to please everyone. Some people will like it, some won't. Otherwise, the bike is awesome. I just can't get past the frame. :)

I have a 2003 WR450 and went riding recently with a friend who just bought a 2003 CRF450. We swapped bikes for a while and both agreed that both bikes are awesome, but different. In my opinion, the Honda handles and feels very solid and smooth, yet different than the smooth solid feel of the WR. Didn't ride it long enough to figure out why. The power band on the Honda was more "linear" compared to the WR which has a big power thrust at midrange. Honda and Yamaha are both great machines. Lets see what Kawasaki and Suzuki can do to catch up!

never rode a crf, but what I can figure is the crf is made for the track and the WR is for the trail.sure you could make the crf a trail bike.but why do that when you can buy it ready to go !

I've ridden several CRF450s and have found them lotsa

fun! I think they'd make far better sand/desert bikes than

woods bikes. They have a smaller/lighter feel then a WR450

and make more manageable power. Down side is that they don't

have an e-button (although they start very easy) and I found

that they stall extremely easy. This makes them less then ideal for woods and obstacles -they make very short work of

large sandy hills tho! :) It depends on what you want it

for... If you're motocrossing and desert riding the CRF is great, if you're strictly woods the DRZ400 is nice, if you want some of both and all points in between the WRF450 is king! :D (Unless you ride for one of those CA based magazines and are forced to choke the bike with exhaust inserts... -then KTM is king...)

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