06 WR sticker kit ideas

My wr needs a makeover. I run a couple of online motorcycle part stores and im thinking of having something custom made for the bike.

I just have no idea what colors are the best to work with?

any ideas?

Blue and white baby!

I though so too. However what about white and black, giving it a newspaper overlay look ?

White and black wouldn't be bad, but the blue frame kind of puts you in a box.

I remember Christini, the AWD company, had a white and black 450X that looked pretty bad azz.

you feel like painting my frame? :banghead:

I don't even feel like painting my own frame. It is a lot of work just to get the bike stripped down to the frame. In the end, blue and white would look just fine. Add some black rims and it will look nice.

Black rims would look awesome!

Blue and white you say... hrm...

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