Success!...sort of...3 out of 4, but I'll take it.

Took my bike to Thunder Valley today in Denver and got two good hours in...after I fought to get it started. But the good news is it ran fine. It even idled all day (with my normal having to turn the idle screw all the way in). I had no compression issues either. That appears to be fine now.

The brakes even worked after I bled the brakes all myself for the first time (I'm a big boy now). I must have had some grease on the rotor. I cleaned it and the pads off really well and it is fine.

The only problem I had was getting it started. It wouldn't even come close to turning over with the choke on. After about ten minutes, I turned the choke off and opened the hot start for giggles. It fired up. Then I pulled the choke and shut the hot start and wah-lah, no problems the rest of the day.

EKQ #2

42 pilot

160 main

1 1/4 out on screw

75 PAJ

200 MAJ

60 SJ

I'm so very close. Any ideas on the cold start issue?

My guess would be to drop the pilot jet back down to a 38. To help with the starting issue. It sounds like you are way too rich on the pilot since you started it cold with the hot start. Another good way to test how rich you are on your pilot circuit is when you turn the pilot screw in all the way, your bike should die. If not, you are too rich. Another thing to check is the idle adjustment. I could not get my bike to start if the idle is set too high (wayyyyy too high), it would always flood. Glad to hear it runs good. :)

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