2008 450

I am ready to buy a bike, and I have found an 08 YZ450 for sale. The guy is asking $3800, but said he will take $3500. Does this sound reasonable, and are there any cosistent problems with the '08. I have looked thru the posts, but I do not see any real trend with any problems. Any help is appreciated.

sounds like a good deal to me if the bike is in good shape. before i bought my 09, i was tryin to find a good shaped 08 for 3500. all the ones i found in that range where a pretty good drive, and seemed a lil sketchy when i talked to them. so i just went a bought a new 09

You'll need to hit him up about service intervals and how many hours on it, but for the most part $3500 is a pretty good price.

I bought my '09 LE with 6 hours on it and a few goodies including a Dr D full exhaust last August for $5000. If I could have waited till December, I saw almost the same deal(it was blue, not LE) with 10 hours for $4500. The prices are all over the map and really low. If this has a ton of hours, don't be afraid to look around a little more. If this is the best deal in town and it isn't clapped out, then go for it.

I've seen new 07's and 08's for 4-4500, just FYI.

I had one! Great Bike! 09's new are running 5K

I had one! Great Bike! 09's new are running 5K

Tell me about it, when I bought mine they were still floating in the high 5's to low 6's for OTD, and I still would have to spend money on exhaust and a few other things. A few months later everyone is posting up $5000 OTD stories after the '10's hit the floor. Oh well, I got the best deal going at the time when I got mine, I can't complain. :banghead:

Tech Care Suspension in Waterford, Michigan has one brand new 08 YZ-450 left for 4k otd. Why pay $3500 for a used one when you can have new for $500 more?

Probably a bit out of your mileage range, but there is a 08 white edition, brand new, for sale at Ride Motorsports here in WA for $4499....Seemingly great group of guys there as well...

Man, I'm beginning to think I got a real sweet deal this fall when I bought my 08 for $4000 Canadian. If they are like $4500+ in the States, then I just plain stole mine.

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