Really good feeling. Really bad feeling.

Really good feeling - Blastin' over a set of whoops with the front wheel lightly touching down on each and every crest.

Really BAD feeling - Having a panic attack, chop the throttle and fall front wheel first into the bottom of one those once so cool whoops.

Really good feeling - Skillfully negotiating a steep rocky downhill, picking the really bitchin', smooth line, feeling the control of the well executed front and rear brake pressure.

Really BAD feeling - While skillfully negotiating that steep rocky down hill; You stab the rear brake to hard, kill the motor on your YZ426 putting it into permanent lock, quickly pull in the clutch, but not having enough guts to try and find the compreesion release lever as you case over a big boulder and slide bike, boulder and all for a big old pine tree.

Somewhat ok feeling - The fresh pine scent you get after sliding into a pine tree. Kinda' like one those plug-ins when you get that sap smeared all over your exhaust.

Take care everybody,


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