what size/height/bend handlebars


Is there any way to determine the best size/height/bend bar for your riding style, I have fitted high bend, low bend bars and cant get comfortable at all, standing on the pags feels good with high bars but terrible when sitting and vice versa.

I ride enduro and mx as well as just playing around with the boys any advice appreciated


I'm sure gray will chime in shortly, but a lot of guys have had good results with the whindam bend bars. For your case maybe you can find a bend that is in the middle when it comes to height between the two that you have tried, then you will have some what of a compromise.

Windham bend with 10mm risers for me works really well.

I'm almost 6' 2" and I'm very comfy with Windham bend protapers with tall risers. I'm gonna give the GYTR optional top clamp a try on my 2010.

There is no universal rule about handlebar bends. You can make an educated guess based on your body but basically it comes down to trial and error. I would recommend you check out other people's bikes to see how they feel. I knew I needed a tall bar because of my height which narrowed down the choices.

mattyd how tall are you? What is you riding style?

For instance I am 5'11" and I stand a lot and I have Renthal twinwalls (06YZf bend) they are low and have very little sweep to keep me over the fron end. To me the best way to corner a YZ450f is to ride on the front end. I know Dubach does. . .

If you are tall or sit a lot then disregard my setup. . .

i am 5'10", stock 08 450 bars were a little low, got a sore back sometimes, from leaning over when standing. I was going to get windams had them on my last bike and liked them, but then I got some barely used stock 08-09 ktm neken bars for free and they are just right, a little taller and less swept. Plus they are blueish so look different.

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Id try the rc bend.Not to be mistaken with the rc high bend.If you re a aggresive rider,you will love em.

Sorry guys, I should have noted that I am about 5' 11' but with short stumpy legs and a long body, I tried that standard pro tapers that it come with and then tried the pro taper pastrana low bends and they were to low for me so now I have renthal rc bend high bars and they seem to high.

Try a set of the Pro Taper Windham bends. They will seem a bit high while seated, but one of the things about this bend is that it moves the grip forward about 15mm compared with the YZ bends. With your longish torso, this will open up the cockpit, so to speak, and give you more room. More improtantly, it will give you far better control while standing, and you'll be able to stand in a more upright, relaxed stance for longer periods without feeling as if you're leaning against the bars, or hanging back by your arms to avoid it.

I'm about 5'10", but I was 6'0" once, so I'm kind of opposite you in one way, and alike in another; long limbs, shorter torso. These bars work exceptionally well for me.

An alternate solution is a new top clamp that allows you to move the bars ahead of their current position.

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