Tire Size Will they fit? Stock Rear 110/100 - 21 Replacement 120/90 - 21

I am getting my 2008 WR450F Yamaha licensed this spring and need to get DOT approved tires.

Considering Dunlop D606 as replacements. My concern is will they fit, and is this the correct tire.

Currently, stock tires are: Front 80/100-21 Rear 110/100-18

Going to Dunlop D606: Front 90/90-21 Rear 120/90-18

The DOT tires tend to be a bit wider, is that correct?

Will they fit in the rear? going from 110 to 120 in width

Will they rub on the chain or Frame?

Mostly ride fire trails, dirt, mud and some sand in WI and Upper MI. 80 off road / 20 on City Streets.

Any help and advise given appreciated.

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Not sure about the States, but here in Australia, or at least in my state, WRs come with the Dunlop 606 standard. Mine did and so do the ones sold in my city.

120 rear will fit. My bike came standard with them, and I've fitted other 120s and had no dramas. I know you're considering the Dunlops, but just be aware that if you look at Michelins, they tend to have a different sizing scale. I think a 120 rear Michelin is a fair bit narrower than a 120 Dunlop.

The Stock tire for me is the Dunlop D756 in the sizes listed above.

I put those tires on my 06 last year. Very good all around tire. I do a bit more road riding, maybe 50/50.

I went with the stock size Dunlop 606's. Rear is OK, not at all happy with the front, it washes out/dives in sand much worse than stock. Wondering if I should buy a wider version of the same tire, or a completely different DOT tire? Plated in MI, live/ride in Wisconsin.

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