whenever you hear that sound you know it's not good. my friends got married saturday. so everyone got together on sunday and went riding. there were 25 bikes and quads bride and groom both went riding. we were out at this pit and theres this jump that alot of people were doing but not quite landing on the downside of it. it was like 32 feet long. than these 2 guys on crf450's came and they were just hitting that jump with ease. doing no handers and stuff. so my buddy who has a suzuki z400 quad was like i can make that jump. off he went. hit it hard in third gear and landed it nicely. he did it a few more times and landed them nicely as well. we all sat around and talked for a while and we realized it was after 7 and we had a 45 min ride back home. so we all got ready to leave and my buddy was like i'm gonna hit this once more before i go. he hits the jump i see the bike turn a little to the left in the air ,THAN ....... KABOOM..KRACK..POW..SNAP !! he landed wrong. we ran over to him and he appeared fine. but he was holding his leg. his leg was straight but his foot was pointed to the right. we called 911 cause we couldn't move him cause his leg was bad. so the ambulance was on it's way and so were the cops . so 4 peopel stayed with him and the rest of us took off so the cops wouldn't repo our bikes. the ambulance gets there and they had to meet it out at the road and walk about a 1/4 of a mile back to him and load him up and carry him back out a 1/4 mile. oh did i mention it was private property and everyone got a $75 tresspassing ticket. BUT WAIT !! it gets worse. turns out it wasn't just private property it was state private property and the fine was $1000.00 . so the 4 people that stayed with the injured rider plus the injured guy got $1000.00 fines. well turns out he broke his leg in 25 spots. he has pins ,rods, and screws in his leg now. if this doesn't take they said they might have to take the foot off. imagine being 21 yrs old and lossing your foot. he won't be able to walk for atleast a year the dr's said.after that he'll have therapy.the rest of us that didn't stay with him ended up getting chased by and hiding from the cops. was not a good day !!

Thats what I call a MAJOR BUMMER :)

Man I hope he heals, thats an ugly future to look at. Was he wearing MX boots??

just work boots. i just got off the phone with him and he said he'd be out riding next weekend. well atleast he is in good spirits.

I hope as a "good bud" you and eveyone else that split the scene before the cops got there is willing to help out the others that stayed and helped the guy that got hurt.

You know, split up the fines.

It would be the right thing to do. :)

You buy the protective gear first, then you get the bike.. Ther should be no variation on the rule!!! So sorry to hear about your friend. At 21 he'll probably heal up. Good :):D Luck to him

A quad rider in only work boots doing 35 ft. jumps - Go figure :)

I'm sure he did have his ball cap on backwards in "protection mode".

That would surely suck if he lost his foot over a stupid stunt without the proper safety gear :)

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