2001 in Illinois yet?

They got my trusty ol 94RMX as a trade,and deposit. Just wondering if i'll be getting a call soon. Need to ride, need to ride soon. Also, about the price thing. They gave me the bike for 5500 & 1550 for my RMX which i thought was a good deal. DGY wouldnt budge from msrp, and only a grand for my trade.

Anyone know of any bike clubs in northern Il.? I need some riding/racing buds.

Hey Kasper!

I also live in Northern Ill. I try to get out once a week riding someplace. If you are interested, send me an email. I live Crystal lake. If you find a club, let me know, I am also looking.

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hey Tim

I'd like to hook up and ride one day.Right now ,Im bikeless and haten life.The dealer should call me soon i hope.As far as the club thing, id like to get together with a bunch of people and just go. i,m not super fast or anything so im looking to be tought a few tricks.I,v been riding with my 1 other friend that rides for about 8 years and sometimes he just doesnt want to go.(hangover, wife, morgage payment, whatever)Planning to race at byron asap,and possibly check out Joliet. sound good?


Sounds great. Look me up when you get your bike. Don't expect greatness out of me either. This is my first year riding (in the dirt) after about 10 years also. I have not raced since way back then. I will be waiting to hear from you..........


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