help! my bike wont start

I dropped the pig in a water hole last week and ever since it has been a real ***** to start. the airbox has no water in it anymore and it started right away after i dropped it(wasnt submerged). Maybe it could be something got stuck in my carb and is completely unrelated? I am running the stock slowjet and a 172 main with no exhaust tip right now (mine gone, dont ask, yes it is very offensively loud, neighbors hate it, i love it :)). Takes forever to start hot or cold now and it starts dripping out of carb overflow pretty quick. Wet ignition? it didnt start that good before but this is ridiculous, like 12-15 kicks to get it to fire and it wont idle till it warms up. Any suggestions? thanks in advance,

I'm gonna take a stab at this Jordan. The hard part is there is not a lot of information in your posting to help diagnose this problem, but you won me over with the line,"I dropped the pig in a water hole", I love it. :)

Anyway - my best guess would be to clean the air filter, install a new spark plug, and make sure your fuel is good.

The carb is easy to clean on the bike so you may want to do that also.

If you are getting the correct amount of fuel, spark at the right time, and air, it will run.

Also check the vent tubes for your carb to make sure they aren't plugged up in any way with crud as they play an important part of your fuel system.

If the simple stuff doesn't produce results, then I'd recommend cleaning the float bowl area of your carb and pay special attention to the float needle seat since all it takes is very small piece of dirt to mess things up. WD40 is a good carb cleaner and the spray tube works well for the small passages.

With your exhaust unplugged, you may have to go richer on your main jet. Especially if you have drilled out your air box. A friend of mine told me his 650r was getting tough to start, he replaced the plug and said it was much easier to start.

thanks guys, guess its time to take my carb off and get a new plug, need to change oil anyway, might as well make it a major maintenance undertaking. BTW, who makes the best air filter? easy to clean, good flow, good filtration (i ride in lots of sand)etc. think I might fatten up the main jet some more too, but i am getting a new tip ASAP. Would going to the 68 slow jet make starting easier? thanks for the help.

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