2006 yzf 450 with a yz 250 2 stroke motor?

i recently bought a 06 yz450f anniversary addition with a blown motor bike maybe had thirty hours .the bottom end let go so hard it blew a hole in the bottom of motor just wondering if a yz 250 2 stroke motor would bolt in or hoe much work any advice would be great its just an idea

I think you'd be looking at one heck of a big project, and you might not be very happy with the results. I believe that the frame geometry and flex characteristics, along with the suspension setup might make for a weird marriage when you got done, if its even possible. I would also say that the motor from the YZ250 can often be found in a great frame already belonging to the 250, and that considering that the 2006 era 250 is a great machine, you might want to look at just picking up the whole bike. You could probably part out alot of stuff from the 450 to help make the switch price wise. Your suspension, wheels, frame, gas tank, pro taper bars, triple clamps, etc, will get you a good chunk of change on ebay or whatever, and I'll bet that the difference in price is less than it costs you for the full 250 motor. I could be wrong.

thanks i agree im going to part it out

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