getting ready to sell my bike

are there any plastic with the graphics on it already?

Yes polisport make plastics with graphics molded in.

Or they could be wrong.

Or I could be wrong. :ride:

It could also be that the OEM's place restrictions on their aftermarket production, or that Acerbis cuts corners on it to do it cheaper, but I can't really say.

According to the article in Dirt Rider mag Acerbis does produce the OEM Yamaha plastic. Maybe the specs for Yamaha OEM plastic are different than for the stuff Acerbis sells under their own label? Kinda hard to imagine them having different molds for Yammie and their own stuff...

Anywho the Acerbis shrouds on my 06 fit as well as OEM, but they don't retain the metal spacers like the OEM shrouds did.

The aluminum T washers in the fenders, side plates and stuff aren't included with the Acerbis aftermarket parts, and in the cases where I've changed out factory plastics for Acerbis, it's been necessary to transfer those. I've found it necessary to ream the holes the T washers fit in to make them work. What could be happening is that the plastics are delivered unfinished to Yamaha, who then does the final drilling/milling/fitting of such hardware. One way or other, they're a little bit different.

Also, the T washers and oval washers that are used in the shrouds and side number plates on the '06 are not listed as separately serviced in the parts book, so one would guess they come with the plastic. Then when you look up the fenders, you find them called out as separate parts, not included with the fenders. :ride: Having not bought OEM plastics in a very long while, I don't know.

The missing "feature" I mentioned was a "hook" at the upper rear corner of the side number plates for a 2001 YZ250F. The OEM plates had them, the Acerbis didn't.

Better rethink your thinking on that as it relates to the "special edition" colors. Their blue stuff is close to AM pricing, and is, IMO clearly a better quality and fit. But their yellow and white stuff is marked up considerably to roughly double AM prices.

and don't get me started on the cost of 50th anniv. Graphics....:ride:

Yes polisport make plastics with graphics molded in.

here check this out:

and don't get me started on the cost of 50th anniv. Graphics....:ride:
What? You think $100 each side is too much? :lol:

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