Spring rate on monoshock, help if you can

This is a new post.. I'm 6ft 4 inches and weight 245 pounds. I know the stock spring on the 450 rear shock :):D can't be right for me but am not sure how to figure out which one I need. I'm a medium fast rider and do trails and fast stuff in desert. I'd appreciate any input!! :D

wr450, grey wire cut, vortip,scotts triple clamp,damper and protapers Jimmy Buttton bend,acerbis rallypro handguards, panoram speedo. can't find any radiator guards or bigger tank yet.

6.0 kg rear should work well for you. Call Racetech for about $100.00 you can change it yourself with no special tools. :)

I am 240. I am running a 5.6 rear and .52 front. I tried the 5.8. With .75" static sag I would only get about 3.5" of race sag. You want 4.0" of race sag (you on the bike and in gear). You will see people usuing spring rates to overcome the stock valving problems. The valving is not to bad but can be much better! Set it up right, spend the money on valving and proper springs. You will be rewarded ten fold. :) ----Mike

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