1999 wr 400

I have just bought a 1999 WR 400. I was wondering what is the main difference between this bike and the same bike, 2000 model? I remember reading on the net that Yamaha sorted out "most 1999 gremlins" with the 2000 model bike, but can't find the website to save my life. I have paid the equivalent of $1900 for the bike, and the condition is excellent. I have owned bikes all my life, and normally can see when a bike has been well used. This one has very little "user damage". Only dissapointment is that it does not have electric start, specially sine 100% time is spent is Arabian desert, and stalling on top of a 50ft dune is not fun!

Thanks for the opportunity to ask my Newbie question, you guys have a great website (already spent hours on it)

Sorry, forgot to add, the bike was in storage for 3 years, but has been serviced 3 months ago by a very reputable offroad bike racing workshop.

I think the clutch had some issues in the prio 2000 models...have read about it in the YZ forum...and it has been advised to owners to change some components to newer ones....

The stator it's smaller from the 2000 less wattage basaclly

'99 has the early slant body FCR carb, the FCRMX is on the '00 models and a big improvement.

The grabby clutch was fixed in '01, I don't know if the '01 parts work in a '99 though, you'll have to search that.

Thank you for the reply guys, will defenately investigate the carb issue.

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