OFF Topic, New Honda Four Stroke

I think the bike is ugly. Look at the exhaust pipe it sticks out almost as far as the rear fender. I know looks dont mean much butit does help. I still think the 426 will be the best for at least another year or two. I just hope yamaha dont try to drop to much weight and make it a pease of junk. There subframe is pretty weak now.


where can I put my deposit on one



Originally posted by DPW:

Dennis '99 YZ400F

I think its good to see honda compete with the yamaha's.More manufactures = better bikes. To bad suzuki chickened out of the 4stroke moto market. Do you think we will be seeing a pro 4stroke class? What if all the manufactures made a 4stroke as good or better than the yz? Now wouldnt that be fun.

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