My 426 Idles High When Cold....

Whats up Guys,

I've had a 2001 zy426f for a few months now and I love the bike!

...But.. I can't figure out why its been idling SO high when i first start it. When the motor warms up it will finally slow back down to normal, after running a few minutes.

I've searched the Forum and haven't found much.

Is there something I'm missing???

Otherwise Ive got the bike In tip top condition. It starts first kick. I've just shimmed the valves. (What a difference) Its got a Dr. D wet-sump kit, and a White Bros E-series pipe on it.

Any help would be appreciated! I'm sure its something simple...


Once warmed up fully, revisit the pilot screw setting. If it's a bit lean, it can result in a hanging idle.

Thanks for the quick reply.. I was under the impression i might be running on the rich side, my plug is always black and oily. I'll check the pilot..

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