Transmission Troubles

I recently got my '02 WR426 out of the garage to get it ready for spring. I have started it over the winter several times, but I never really rode it around much. It started fine, but when I went to put it in gear from neutral with the clutch pulled in, the bike died because the clutch was not doing its job. I restarted the bike, and this same thing happened again a few times. I finally stopped the motor and put the bike in gear and tried pushing it a short distance while in gear. I restarted the bike once again, and it operated flawlessly. The clutch has not been abused at all, in fact, the bike has less than 500 miles on it. There was proper free-play in the clutch as well.

In addition, the bike sometimes goes into neutral a little too easily on the very first upshift from first into second gear when the bike hasn't been ridden for a while. After it is warm, it never does this and shifts completely fine.

Is there anything to be concerned about here, or is this to be expected when the bike is cold and hasn't been ridden for a while? I'm wondering if the oil just needs to be circulated a little?


sounds about normal to me .Have yoou changed the oil since you brought it out of storage?

What you said about the clutch sounds perfectly normal to me. It had dried out during the storage and so wasn't slipping. When you pushed it in gear the plates allowed some oil in there. Next time try letting the bike idle with the clutch pulled in for a bit to get some oil in between the plates.

What you said about the first to neutral thing is probably nothing also, but if it gets worse I would suspect a bent shift fork or something.

Hope this helps.

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