Riding Impression: 01YZ426

Well it might not be the earth shattering news from National Enquirer Reporter "Toyko Tiddler", regarding the much delayed, over-hyped and STILL WAITING, RC 450F, but I had a pretty cool day out at SpeedWorld yesterday.

The Bike: This is a FUN machine, and I am going to enjoy some good rides with her for sure. I really like the quality and the engineering that went into this bike.

Starting: With some pointers from my 4-stroke compadre Mark A, I mounted the beast with trepidation on how long it would take me to start it.

First freaken kick! Could not believe it nor Mark but I believe it was beginner's luck, as I would find out later. Starting this baby is an art that will come with practice; I just dread the time I stall it in a race! Hope that doesn't happen, as you can kiss it goodbye.

Suspension: As it is new and breaking in, the front forks were stiff! Soften the compression by two clicks and this helped a bit. Did not check the sag until the end of the day, as I wanted it to break it in a bit. It was at 3.25 in., way to stiff for my 165-LB body. Put it at 3.75 in. and this adjustment made the biggest difference of all. It reduced the load on the forks and this resulted in them being less stiff. I was able to jump better too.

Ergos: I can see that a taller rider would have to do some mods as the footpegs do seem higher then I am use to. I did move the bars up and this worked better for now. I plan on getting an Applied triple clamp (not sure if I need the rubber mounts?) and stealing the TAG bars off my CR. I can see how this will help with the harshness on slap down landings.

Engine: This is the best part, while at times it feels like an open bike it has the nimbleness like a 250. You can go into corners without shifting and the torque coming out feels like a locomotive! There is no shortage of power and later on in the day I cranked it on in a fast sweeper and the baby stood up on me! Brought an ear to ear grin and I can't wait for the day when I can ride it close to it's potential. One time going into a corner I did not keep the Rpm's up and it chugged to a stop and I tipped over. Ugh!!!! Then I had to try to start it!!! ##@%^## practice practice practice.

Brakes: Excellent. The Floating Nissan front grabber works great to slow the big beast down and I barely used the rear as you really don't need it and I did not want to stall.

Jumping: Felt great in the air and you do not notice the weight. I took my time to get use to it and by the end of the day I was clearing the same obstacles as on my CR. In fact with the extra traction and power coming out of corners, I'm hoping to air it out even more.

Misc.: I know now what is Yami-thumb and I need to get one of those donut shaped pads that go over the throttle grip. Anyone know where to get these?

1st Day impression: I have no regrets and while my lap times are down right now, I am confident they will decrease dramatically as I get use to this new form of riding. I have always had a cut and thrust style, and with this motor you are not taking advantage of it if you ride like that. This is not the type of machine that you hop on and instantly jam on it, especially if you never have ridden 4-strokes before. In fact, I have read other riders tales and some have said they hated it and were ready to sell it, but after getting more ride time on it, they now love it.




just wondering what part of town your from

i to wait for that all important call from my dealer

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I cant wait til my 2001' YZ426 comes in (november 13th to be exact lol) Anyway you can get the donut pads at you local bike store like bikebarn or some other store and ask for 'bmx donuts for handlebars' this will cure yamathumb as it did for me with the yamaha i used to ride! Hope this helps!



I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

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