Oil Ring Order

I want to make sure that the order of the rings is that the corrugated ring is between the two scrubber rings. i saw one post from the moderator that said the both scrubber rings go above the corrugated ring.


If you saw that post here, please link to it so I can correct it.

The oil ring must be assembled expander first, with the scraper rings at the top and bottom of the groove. The ends of the expander must be butted, NOT overlapped, and the expander ends located away fro the ends of either scraper (which must likewise be located away from each other). The manual shows the correct placement of the ring gaps.

Frankly, I doubt that both scrapers would actually fit on one side of the expander.

Sort of a strange way to read it, but I added some for clarity nevertheless. Looking at section two of the manual would have cleared that up for you, as it shows the ring cross sections in the General Specifications section.

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