Ratlle inside clutch cover?

I have rattle inside cover only when clutch lever is pulled in,everything seems to work ok,just noise.2000 426 and already has had Hinson basket installed,after removal of cover the only thing I could find was that it seemed as if the clutch plates were very dry(no oil)this could be the rattle,but why are they dry? is there a passage that feeds the basket that could be clogged?already checked screen in frame and filter are good.Any ideas would help,the engine seems ok or i would suspect the oil pump.

That's definitely not a good thing to have the clutch dry! Have you checked to make sure your oil pump is primed? The manual explains how to do this and is very easy. You just stuff a rag or paper towel under the banjo bolt on the oil line connection behind the cylinder and to the right of the carb to keep from making a mess. Start your engine and set the idle up a little and then loosen the banjo bolt gradually. Oil should start seeping out before you turn that bolt very far. If not, STOP THE ENGINE! Oil may not be getting to the cams as well. If oil DOES seep out of the bolt but still doesn't get to the clutch, you have some serious troubleshooting to do. I'm not positive, but I think oil has to flow around the clutch actuating arm/shaft to reach the basket and plates. I remember some owners have mentioned machining this shaft to allow more oil to reach the clutch. Hope this helps.

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My clutch is very grabby - I'm sure it running dry (this is terrible I know...) but I'm trying to make it to the winter maintenance to fix. A friend took his 426 back to his dealer w/ the same complaint and - hopefully I'm getting this right - the pulled the basket & found that the 2 (?) oil holes into the clutch were fairly filled w/ gasket sealer or some such. The mechanic cleaned the holes out & drilled some extra passages in the basket. He also said that the tolerances on the shaft need to wear in to allow more oil into the clutch - kinda sounds bogus, but the longer he rides it the better the feel is getting. Does this help/ sound reasonable? Hope so!



Makes perfect sense to me. Lots of 426 owners have had oiling problems with clutch. Oil is fed to clutch via passage in case where actuating rod passes though. Rod has grooves machined in it to allow oil to get by.

One feature of Hinson baskets that make them work better is more (and possibly larger) oil holes in tangs. Given the problems with YZ basket I’m not sure if drilling the tangs is a good idea, but I guess if it grenades your buddy will have someone to blame.


I would imagine you motor is getting oil. I’m sure you would know if it wasn’t. Boit descibes a good way to verify oil pressure. The pump feeds the filter from reservoir, then top end and tranny via the oil delivery tube. Banjo bolt Boit describes sits just above filter cover.

Did you get the backing plate on the Hinson good and tight? Did you use red loctite?

Start and warm up your scoot and then recheck your clutch. If it is still dry then you do have a problem. Clutch is oiled via passage where actuating rod sits, like Boit said. If you have some time on your hands you can remove the main gear, reinstall basket and, using a pair of nuts and lock washer on clutch shaft, spin the basket counterclockwise with an air ratchet. If all is well oil will be coming out from behind the socket. Messy, but a good way to prime and check oiling system.

There is lots of potential for noise from right side. See the other “noisy motor” post in this forum.

Thanks for all the help,i checked oil pressure at banjo bolt and it was good.I removed cover again and ran engine with cover off,i then removed actuating rod and cleaned grooves and emery cloth a little on large end to clearance and repaired problem.Thanks again

Does the 2001' YZ426 have this problem too?


I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Originally posted by motoman393:

Does the 2001' YZ426 have this problem too?

Clutch is redesigned (again) for '01

I don’t know this to be true, but I’ve read this in more than one magazine.

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Have you han the 2000 426 before the 2001 426. If so are there major performance differences? Please let us know seeing That I am thinking of upgrading my 2000 for the 2001 and are wondering if it is worth it

Originally posted by Hick:

Clutch is redesigned (again) for '01

I don’t know this to be true, but I’ve read this in more than one magazine.

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