2003 Recluse clutch to 2005 and up change?

I was looking into a recluse Z start pro clutch for my 2003, thinking that when I picked up a newer YZ I might be able to use it on the updated models. It turns out there is a different part number for 03-04 and the 05-09 models. I know that a modification was made to the clutches in that time frame, but I'm having trouble finding out the nature of the change, and am wondering if there was a fix to bring the 03 up to the newer specs, and is it worth it? Or, I guess I could say, can an 05 recluse be easily adapted to the 2003 YZ450F:bonk:?

The primary reduction ratio was changed in '05, so the clutch turns faster at any given engine speed than the '04 did. This would affect the centrifugal engagement system, and that's probably where the difference is.

Contact Rekluse. It may be a simple matter of changing springs or adjusting weight.

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