WR450 getting hot?

Just picked up my bike last week, trying to get some break in time on it tonight after work. I was riding about dusk and noticed that if I stopped the header pipe became cherry red within a few moments. As soon as I would start moving the color/heat would go away. Bike ran very well. Is this normal?



Yes its normal

Yes that's right. Red hot. You are the proud owner of a high performance machine.

That's the way I like it baby I don't want to live forever........ :)

It may be normal, but you don't have to live with it. Do three things to your WR450 and kiss away the hot stuff.

1.) Wrap the header back to the header guard with header tape. Available at race shops. See if you can bum or buy three feet. You can touch the wrapped header even when hot. Stop boiling your right radiator in the slow stuff.

2.) Buy a 1.4 atmospheric radiator cap instead of the stock 1.1. Up the heat point at which the spring will give and fill up your rear fender tank. If your stock cooling system is tight, it can handle it.

3.) Bum or buy some Red Line water wetter. Add two teaspoons. Up the boiling point 10 degrees.

I did these mods to my WR450 and the bike never gets hot, even in Utah's Five Miles of Hell. Cost, depending on your network of friends, less than $10.

HighPlains, your pipe is still getting hot, you've just hidden it from view. There is really no way to stop it from glowing when your at a stop.

Roger that, Endurodog. I am just transfering the heat further down the system away from the radiator. Back in 98', I used to light my smoke off the 98' WR400 header in cases where I had no fire. Even then it glowed red hot.

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