WR new tail light


I just thought that I would show you my new tail light for my WR, which I just purchased from Pro Racing, see www.proracing.co.uk

It bolts straight onto the stock fender with no modifications and the tail light is LED with stop/tail and number plate illumination.



Hi, by the looks of the wires running into the light it doesn't look like its sealed, Whack some silicone on to seal it just to make sure.

Cause you don't want to go through water and find your filling up your light.

Been there, not much fun trying to get it out.....


no need to silicone the wires as the the wires are rubber moulded into the tail light unit.


Great, looks like I'll be getting one of them for the next mot in July, cause i've got a disco going on in mine, good job theres 2 circuits, cause i'd have no lights when the going gets really wet.

Hey, Can you post some more pix fitted to the bike and how much was it.


my mate bought one for his wr450 said it was £45 + postage think he said they also sell them for the honda crfx

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