Forget the cable, the clutch took a dump

Hey Guys!

Sad day in Mudville,

I changed my oil this morning, in preparation for a great day's riding. The oil filters were fine, and the level was set correctly. No real problems with the clutch other than the chatter. I readjusted the clutch cable so that catch point was as required by the manual.

I started to ride, no problems. Everything was fine, till my first hill climb. The only thing that sounded worse was a bunch of rowdy kids clanging on pots and pans. The clutch went. Finding 1st/N/2nd extremely difficult. I literally need to pound it into gear. Even under throttle to get home, the clutch just screams...BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG!


Okay, we've been here before. I don't want a Yamaha replacement clutch in my bike. I don't trust their OEM clutch parts. Hinson seems to be the way to go. Any suggestions in dealing with Yamaha?

Believe me guys, I will be completely professional with Yamaha. IM NOT GOING TO SCREAM AND THREATEN CLASS ACTION OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT. I just want them to be responsible.

Other than that, it was a beautiful day.



YZ426 Kicks.

On the cable: there was free play each time I went out riding between the catch point, and released position of the clutch handle. Every time I go out that free play would disappear.

Can the cable stretch?

I contacted my selling dealer and told them of my basket failure,since I had already replaced the unit with Hinson they refunded me $90.27.That really didn't cover repairs but was better then nothing,they said that is dealer cost on o.e. basket

The Hinson is a much better basket and the sweetness of the clutch action is well worth the money. Bummer on the reason you have to get one though.


When freeplay disappears it most likely means your clutch plates or friction discs are wearing. Pull it apart and please tell me, are the plates aluminum?? This would explain a rapid wear rate on them. Can you measure if either are out of spec? Do the friction plates or the clutch plates look worn significantly or are there grooves in the tangs of the basket?? The grooves can be caused from pressure on the ends of the friction discs. This makes clutches get grabby when they fall in and out of grooves on the basket.

Just curious about the causes.


Steel plates. Yamaha offered to inspect my clutch for free, replace it if necessary, or credit me toward a Hinson unit...inspection said it wasn't one of the affected ones...I have four Cross Country events on it now with no problems, still, Hinson goes in anyway next week.

Patman the Clutch Friendly

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