Making the wr 450 start in gear

how do i disconect the neutral switch so that i can sart my wr 450 in gear. what I was thinking for dead starts i could put it in second or first and just hit the button and if the battery has enough power it would just take off and start. Just a theroy but would like to see how it would work. Would this be really hard on the sarter? I tired just unpluging the connecter for just the clutch but then it would only sart in neutral. Any info would be greatly apprecated before I go and wreck somthing

how do i disconect the neutral switch

I removed the clutch switch on mine. Removed the contacts from the connector behind the number plate and shorted them out. Now my button works all the time.

I haven't tried starting in gear though, and I don't plan to unless the clutch is pulled.

Is the May 11 HS at porky's still on, or is there too much snow still?

thanks for the info junior_vet. The harescramble that is on may 11 is at sharpless creek through CMA, i just calld there hot line 238-0956 and it just the same recording as last week so am asumming it is still on. The harescramble for porky is on may 18th. are you going to be going to either? One more question how do you do that qoute thing?

are you going to be going to either?

I plan to do Porky's on the 18th and the 25th. I was down the #2 last weekend and the Porky's hills were white even before it started to snow.

I thought the CMA race was at Porky's too, nope. Oh Sharpless is off the #22 :)

As for the quote, instead of clicking on Reply, just click on Quote and then edit the text in between the quote commands.

I'm nervous about sound testing this year. I just ordered up a silent insert for my pipe today just to CMA for the 18th. Let me know if they do sound test at Sharpless? :D

the race at sharpless creek was cancled. it would of been nice if they would of told us. but there was still quite a few people there and we just did a couple of laps for fun. there was no mention of a sound check and if there was there would have been alot that would of failed. man was it ever slick there was quite a bit of snow. lots of paddling and slidding around but it was fun. I needed some time any way to try out the new bike.(i love it) is the e-button ever nice. i wont be making it down to porkys on the 18th but i will be there on the 25. :)

Glad you made the most of it. A few of the guys that went to Sharpless ended up at the Raymond MX, so I heard about it there. There was so many entries that the day went from riders meeting at 7:30am to last moto at 7:00pm. And my motos were only 4 laps. :)

I think the button is great too, however I think that it will be invaluable in an HS or XC race. See you at the races. :D

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