Searching for SDG Tall Seat in Stock...

Anybody have any industry contacts that can find me an SDG tall seat for a 2009 YZ450F in stock somewhere?

I've been backordered for weeks now at a large on-line retailer. :banghead:

...and no, I don't want to build my own seat, so don't go there! :bonk:



Thanks...but not quite right. The 03-05 seat is different than the 06-09...

Thanks...but not quite right. The 03-05 seat is different than the 06-09...

Try direct located in Santa Ana, CA


Santa Ana , CA 92705

Main (949) 752-5227

Fax (888) 752-8093

Product Technical Questions/Issues:

MX Department:

Thanks. I spoke with them today. They won't have stock until mid-Feb...

Thanks...but not quite right. The 03-05 seat is different than the 06-09...

Oops, sorry. Clicked on the wrong one. The link is now corrected to the 06-09 seat.

Very cool dnv! I searched ebay and could find the darn thing!


Hi tech...yeah, that's where I'm backordered. I talked to them (RMATV) a few days ago and they told me the date (1/15) isn't firm, just a projection and subject to change. They said a lot of their dates get pushed don't be surprised if doesn't come in.

I emailed SDG with an inquiry...and I actually got a PHONE CALL from them. Heh...wasn't expecting that. They couldn't help me out, they won't have more stock until mid-Feb...but pretty darn good customer care, taking the time to call. Spent about 10 minutes on the phone shooting the breeze...

I'm going to get a hold of that ebay seller and see what they can do.

Thanks all.


well damn...motosport says call for availabilty so thats probably long wait too. Good luck! Im rebuiling mine and ordering all kinds of parts and running into same thing. There seems to be a lot of backorders right now for some reason....frustrating!!

I guess it is repair season

Damn...I emailed the Kawi dealer that had the seat on stock. How the heck do they manage that? Post a bunch of products on eBay, then when you get an go out and try to find the stuff through distribution. Their eBay listing says they have 5 available. Dummies.

yep im goin through the same thing with a carb I bought on e-bay. Had 3 avail then messaged me saying the distributer was closed between christmas and new years and Im still waiting

Hmm...the step seat IS in stock. Decisions, decisions...

I'm 6'4", but my inseam is only 32" just maybe...

Well...I cancelled the tall seat. Went with the SDG Step seat. It'll ship today! :banghead:

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