YZ/WR accel.pump reservoir Factory R&D

http://www.mxsouth.com/perp38lit.htm Has anyone tried the Factory R&D pump extension kit? If that's what it supposed to be. Just curious I would like someone's opinion before I purchase. Thanks.

Yes, I installed one on my '00 426 and am very pleased with the result. Gone is that annoying hesitation when the throttle is wicked open suddenly. I haven't experienced a hiccup, spit, or stalling problem since installing the P38. Would I do it again? You better believe it! I find the P38 delivers everything R&D claims it does.The only other change I made was a drop in main jets from a #162 to a #160. All I can say now is that carburetion is absolutely perfect.

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Check topic entitled “James Dean – Accelerator Pump” (started by me) on the WR side of thumpertalk, James Dean gives agood description of what this part actually does and how it differs from stock.

You will have to set your browser to “Show topics from last 20 days” (default is ten). It will be towards the bottom.

BTW it is not a pump extension. The P-38 is a pump housing that replaces the stock part (round cover on bottom of fuel bowl).

It does seem like most people who have tried it liked it as much as Boit.

i will let you know about it when I get mine I called and ordered it but they are closed for a week so I hope they shipped it before they closed for the week.....

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