Any idea whats wrong?

My yzf 400 is having starting problems. I have pop started several times on three different occasions without any problems. I could never figure out how to kick it over, however i replaced the spark plug a week ago. On that day i was able to kick it over four times, all of which one were on the first kick. I have not been able to kick it over since. On that day i let it ran for not more than a minute and shut it off via the kill switch.

When i was informed that shutting it off without reaching operating temperature fowled the plug i replaced because again i could not kick it over.

Today i pop started it several times and it ran fine. While it was hot i kicked it over one time, but could not kick it over since. While i was riding it the exhaust head pipe was glowing cherry red. It seems that the bike has to much oxygen, but im not a professional. I plan on trying to pop start it again and running the bike with the choke on to see if it limits the amount of oxygen going into the carb.

I don't understand why this bike won't kick over, but did perfectly that one day. I love this bike, however i can't go through this ordeal everytime i stall on the trail. Im seriously debating selling this bike, but i feel its probably a stupid little issue i can't find.

If you have any ideas or tricks of what my issue is please help! Thanks in advance. jason

Is your jetting stock? You might need a bigger pilot jet.

i watched those, thats how i started it when it did kick over.

the jetting is stock as well.

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